I have had these tiny plants for about six months. They haven’t grown much at all. Their roots are shallow and short, they don’t like to stay potted. I was keeping them outside in partial shade and I would find them weekly blown out of their pot by the wind. So I brought them inside and repotted them.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
These look like some type of Pachyveria or Sedeveria, two generic hybrids with Echeveria as one parent, the other a closely related type of plant. Depending on the size, they also could be Graptoveria, a hybrid between Echeveria and Graptopetalum.

There are many of these, most used as a filler plant for mixed planters, combined with larger species and hybrids of Echeveria, Graptopetalum and others.

They are small scale, and easily raised from cuttings, which can be simply snapped off and plugged in to the edges of the planters, where they’ll trail over the edge.

These look as though they maybe grew from the fallen leaves from a larger plant, which would explain their weak root systems.

Sometimes they’ll sit and grow quite happily on top of the soil, with only a few pinkish roots to hold them in place. They’ll be fine indoors, as long as they get enough light – their tendency is to get really long and leggy and fall over if they are in too much shade.

If you don’t have a bright window, look for a grow light to put them under for more.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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