Kudos and References from visitors

It’s so nice to hear from my visitors – I like the positive comments that I get, and suggestions on how I can provide the information you need. Here are a few of the kind notes that people have taken the time to share with me.


Dee says;

“I am sooo enjoying the Succulent E-Courses. It is hard to find info. about them. I have a few books and have grown them for over 40 years. I agree with everything you say so far and get some good tidbits I didn’t know too. Thanks so much!”

Harold says;

“Double GREEN Thumbs up for this site…”

Testimonial from Teresa:

“Thank you so much for offering this overwintering class on line.

I am an avid gardener during the summer but just the past two winters have undertaken trying to overwinter some succulents inside.

You are being very helpful and I look forward to each article. NO matter when it arrives. Again, Thank you!”

Heather and James had this to say;

“Just keep up the good work.

My wife and I love the ‘plant id’ you post on Facebook!

We are into succulents and have learned so much from you.

We also purchased your succulent ebook and have it handy in our over wintering room along with your over wintering emails we have printed out as reference.”

Overwintering Succulents

Andrew, in Ithaca, New York:

“I just wanted to tell you that I love your website.

One of the big problems with most plant websites that I’ve found is that they are quite technical, so when trying to identify a plant, I don’t even know how to answer some of the questions.

I have been learning a lot from browsing the pages and I have gotten amazingly fast responses to my inquiries about different plants (sorry for submitting so many).

I’m actually sitting here just trying to think of more questions about my other plants! 🙂

That’s all.

You’re awesome!”

A note from Eve;

Hi Jacki,
Just to say I think the App is a brilliant idea, and I’m looking forward to getting it. I really enjoy reading your newsletters and your pictures are great – very inspiring. It’s a cold bright frosty morning here on Britain’s south coast, but the sempervivums don’t mind. They have gone to sleep for the Winter now, but still look good. I wish I could come and visit your beautiful garden! Best wishes, Eve

Sonya in New Brunswick says;

“First I would like to thank you for providing everyone this wonderful, very informative site! I am in love with it! Every chance I get to sit and relax, I love reading on the many forums that you have created!

I have been drawn for the past years by succulents, and this year, I got so fascinated by them, that I decided to look more into these plants.

When I came to look around in my local and surrounding area, no stores, or greenhouses sold succulents! Only the hen & chicks, if I remember correctly, a hardy succulent? So I decided to start a small local & surrounding area business selling succulents & succulent crafts.”

Kay says;

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the very useful info in your Winterizing Succulents E-course!

I wasn’t able to successfully grow plants until I started growing mini-succulents this spring, at the age of 70, to make fairy garden succulent terrariums.

I recently moved all my plants inside for the winter and am doing everything I can to insure they survive. Your course has been a great help! Thank you very much!”

A note from Linda said

“Thank you, your emails have helped me a lot”

Keep the comments coming, either via my contact page, or in the Facebook comments below – I love to hear what you like (or don’t) about the site, and if there’s anything I’m missing. Don’t be shy!