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by Suzy
(Oakland, CA)

10 years no flowers

blossom about to burst

blossom about to burst
blossom about to burst

I have had this succulent in a pot for over ten years. It hasn’t bloomed before last year. It’s about to do it again for the second year in a row. When the blossom opens, it’s quite spectacular: about 6″ in diameter, of the same beige color but with beautiful rust-colored decorations inside. And the flower stinks like rotten feet!
What is it?!

Hi Suzy – what a find! This is Stapelia, also known as the Carrion Flower (usually the smell is referred to as rotten meat, but rotten feet sounds about right too!). They need certain conditions to prod them into flowering, and it looks like you’ve hit it exactly right.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Aug 04, 2017

That’s odd
by: Jacki

Vina, your plant won’t disappear, I don’t think. I need more information, such as where you were growing it (pot, or in the ground) and other details.

These plants are edible, so it’s possible it got eaten!

Aug 04, 2017

Stapelia Disappeared
by: Vina

My Stapelia bloomed and now I can’t find it?

Sep 23, 2012

Thank you~ Stapelia~~
by: Suzy

Oh thank you! I think you’re absolutely right. How cool. That was such a speedy reply- what a mystery solver you are.