The Most Fascinating of Plants

You may have seen succulents before, and been instantly smitten.  They have that effect on people, novice and experienced gardeners alike.


I’ve been fascinated by these plants for decades, long before they became the next big thing.  I’m gratified that finally, these plants are receiving the notice (and admiration) they deserve.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve grown them for ages, there is always something new to learn.

You may already have experienced the heady ‘first love’ feeling of making the acquaintance of a new type that you’ve never seen before, and knowing, deep down, that you’re going to need more.

Some people like succulents all equally, others find the genus Kalanchoe, or Euphorbia particularly enthralling. 

Whichever type of succulent obsession you have, you’re in good company.

Think about the first time you saw a succulent plant. 

What was it about it that grabbed your attention? 

It may have been at a wedding, where each guest got a little potted succulent as a wedding favor.

You may already be growing these plants as houseplants.

For me, it was sometime in the 1970’s, when I was about eleven.  My Dad was a potter, and sold his wares at craft fairs, usually taking me or my younger brother as swampers to help unload and set up.

One day, wandering around the rest of the booths, I spotted a booth selling cacti and succulents. 

From first look, I knew I had to have one, and spent my allowance on a pale blue one – thinking back now, it was a Pachyphytum, but I didn’t know that then – just that I loved it! 

It grew happily on the windowsill for a long time, and I learned just how forgiving they are.  At 11 years old, watering plants is not top priority.

This experience, at that age, led me to become a horticulturist and a lifelong addiction to growing plants, especially succulents.