by Barbara Reeves
(Carmel by the Sea, CA)


Red Hose Basket

I weave 50 foot garden hose into plant containers. They work beautifully for succulents!

Shallow enough for lush arrangements, draining quickly while the soil stays put, the design creates ideal conditions for healthy plants that need to dry out between watering. People always do a double take when they first see the hose baskets, not quite realizing that they’re looking at an intact hose with connectors on both ends! I fill them with varieties of Sedum, Echeveria, Graptoveria and Aeoniums that create interesting textures and contrast with the unexpected and colorful rubber hose.

Comments for Succulent Hose Baskets

May 13, 2011

Love it!
by: Jacki

Now that’s thinking outside the box! Your colours are amazing, so bright and cheerful, and what a great use for those hoses you won’t need if you get into xeric gardening.

Thanks for your submissions, Barbara!

Jun 14, 2011

by: Ruth B

How in the word did you think of making a basket from a hose? That is amazingly creative and it looks fantastic. Love it!!

Aug 17, 2012

Great idea
by: Debbi (no ‘e’)

Well I have 2 hoses I was just getting ready to toss out & have found 2 uses for them…try to weave a basket & wings for a dragonfly. I love the internet & all the creative people I find on it. Thank you!