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Baby just ate a leaf

Just wondering if this is poisonous

This is some type of Echeveria or Sedum, which are not known as a poisonous succulent – however, it’s not recommended that babies or pets eat them – if your child is a toddler, it’s best to keep them apart by putting a bird cage over the plant, make sure any fallen leaves are moved immediately and watchfulness. It’s the shape and texture of the leaves that are so appealing!

If you’re at all concerned, please don’t hesitate to take your little one to the emergency room – take the plant with you. They will most likely make the child vomit, an unpleasant but necessary treatment for possible poisoning cases.

Best of luck!

Comments for Baby just ate a leaf

Jan 17, 2013

Thaank you!
by: Anonymous

Hi Jacki-

Thanks for your expert eye, I couldn’t find this exact type anywhere, so I wasn’t sure! I definitely took precautions, so no worries there!

Thanks again,


Kimberly, glad things worked out okay! Thanks for the update.