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by Lesley
(Manchester, U.K.)



I have just noticed a strange yellow lump on one of my string of pearls plants. It looks like a yellow wasps nest but it’s sitting on the pearls and not hanging downwards as they usually do. It’s also a different colour. I am sure it wasn’t there yesterday as I am sure I would have noticed it! Can you please tell me what it is? Is it a fungus? Is it harmful or can I leave it alone?

It lives in a warm conservatory on the window sill.

I would really appreciate your advice.
Kind regards

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Aug 02, 2021

If you look…
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

If you look more carefully, I think you’ll find that it’s emerging from the soil.

It is a fungus of some kind, so this indicates two things; one; that the soil has some kind of wood in it, and two, it’s too wet.

There are several ways to combat this; the first, of course, is to remove the fruiting body. This won’t remove the actual fungus, which is in the soil, but it will stop it from spreading the spores.

The second thing is to let the soil dry out. I might also repot this plant into the correct soil, with good drainage and no organic matter.

The other thing you could do is simply cut off all the ‘strings’ and re-root them, discarding the original root ball.

Aug 02, 2021

by: Lesley

Hello Jacki
Thank you so much, that’s fascinating information. I will take your advice.
Take care,