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by John Giordano
(Roanoke, VA)


Red Leaf Plant

I have attached a picture of the plant I am interested in.
Can you tell me what it is, what zones it will grow in and where I can purchase it as bulb, root stock or plant?
I want to plant this plant in Zone 7.
Thank you,
John Giordano

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Wow, that colour just rips your eyeballs out! What a treat! The look of this seems familiar, but I’ve honestly never seen one this colour, so I’m thinking that it must be a new variety of what used to be known as the ‘Ti’ plant, which originated in Hawaii. The correct botanical name is Cordyline terminalis.

If this is the same plant, it’s grown from ‘logs’ or short bits of stem that are imported from Hawaii, which are placed on top of damp soil, and they produce new shoots which you cut off and grow like a cutting.

As it’s native to Hawaii, I’m not sure you would be able to grow it outdoors in your climate, however, it would grow very well as an indoor plant through the winter, and move outdoors for summer as soon as it warms up.

Hope this helps with your plant identification.

Comments for Red Leaf Plant in Puerto Rico

Jan 29, 2012

You Rock
by: Anonymous

Thank you
If you can direct me to a web site that I can purchase the logs from, I would say not only do you “ROCK” but you are phenominal.
Thank you so much,

John, sorry I don’t know of a supplier, but you could try looking on the plant guide for this plant on Dave’s Garden Website and click where it says ‘x number of members have or want this plant for trade’ you may find some for sale. Good luck!