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by Jo Ann
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I have had this plant for about a year. It is now starting to flop.

The branches are losing the support of the plant and are starting to flop over – one is bent.

When I purchased the plant I transplanted it. Now not sure what is happening?

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Jo Ann

Hi Jo Ann, without seeing a picture of it, and more information about where you are in the world and growing the plant, it’s hard to say what is going on. If you’re in a cold climate, and your plant usually grows outdoors through the summer, sometimes attempting to acclimatize to an indoor environment will cause some issues, especially if you’re continuing to water the same amount as when the plant was actively growing.

I seldom water my succulents through the winter, because the roots can easily rot – unlike other types of plants, wilting in succulents generally means that they are rotting, not that they lack water.

If this sounds like your situation, stop watering immediately. Your plant will not die from underwatering, but it will die from too much water.

The other major factor in overwintering succulents is light levels. These plants originate in hot bright climates, and our houses mostly are nowhere bright enough to keep them healthy. Get a small grow light, or keep it under fluorescent grow tubes for the winter.

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Best of luck,