by Annalisa Williams
(United Kingdom)

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Succulent Number 3: (pink pot)

The cutest of them all. The middle bit has ‘webs’. I thought I found out what these were, but on closer look, there are hundreds of these. Maybe thousands.

Which is the one I have…got no clue! Some babies have been appearing, took a while, but they are there. 😀 proud I’ve fed them only once with BabyBio as they don’t seem to need much, and only water when dry.

Kindest Regards,
Annalisa (United Kingdom)

Drought Smart Plants reply:

The cobweb houseleek or Sempervivum arachnoideum species all have this webbing to a greater or lesser degree. It’s a very strong genetic characteristic of many of them.

Generally, these are the smallest of all the Sempervivum genus, and tend to grow in a dense cluster or colony.

They’re great in a large flat pot with a couple of rocks which they snuggle up to, and in some cases will completely cover.

Your care of them is perfect, except for the low light levels where you have them. They need full sun if possible, or a grow light over them for extra light.

Where they grow in their native habitat is right at the top of high mountains, with extremely good drainage and lots of ultraviolet light.

Comments for Sempervivums Everywhere

May 28, 2011

by: Annalisa

The window they are in, is the ‘morning sun’ window, is that not enough light? 🙁 Should I move them where they would get more ‘midday sun’ and ‘evening sun’?

Thank you! 🙂

May 28, 2011

Never too much Sun
by: Jacki

Hi Annalisa, you definitely can’t give these guys too much sun – they love as much as they can get. The paleness of the leaves and the fact that they are getting a bit stretched indicates that they aren’t getting enough. You can put them in the brightest window possible, even in full sun in a south facing window.

Hope this works for you!