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by Beth


My grandmother found these on the roof of her garage and I was just wondering if these are succulents and if so what kind?

I live in the uk so it’s not very warm and it rains a lot but we managed to save these from the bad weather.

Thanks for your help!

Comments for Roof succulents

Mar 09, 2015

Yup, those are succulents
by: Jacki

These are just your common or garden variety of Sempervivum, also known as – wait for it – roof leeks. Because they like to grow on a roof.

In the old days, the villagers would toss them up onto their thatched roofs to keep lightening away (not sure if it worked, but it could have stopped the thatch from catching on fire if the plants were thick enough).

They like the conditions they get on a roof because a) it’s bright, and b) it’s well drained. Those two conditions have to be met, no matter what.

Dim light (such as these are getting) will make them stretch out, as you see. Get them back outside in as bright a situation as you can – if it’s really wet, just take them right out of the pot and set the root ball somewhere it will drain well.

These are tough plants, so don’t worry that you’re not treating them well – be cruel to be kind.

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