Mauve blushed grey blue foliage

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Oh yes, another of my all time favorite plants.

I love the pearlescent mauve or blue spoon shaped foliage, and even better when it eventually blooms. I was so taken with the hot pink blooms completely covering the whole plant that I forgot to take a picture.


Don’t worry, I did regain my senses eventually, long enough to get this close up of the flowers. They’re like jewels, so intricate and lovely. Bees like them too!

Small scale plants have always fascinated me, and this one is at the top of the list. I use it in containers, where it will drape over the edge, and its best use ever is in trough gardens.

Ultimate spread is only about 15cm (5 – 6″), and a height of 6cm (2.5″), with flower stalks only about 8-10cm (3 – 4″) tall.

Sedum pluricaule is perfect for tiny little hypertufa pinch pots.

Combine with several other sweet and tiny small scale Sedum and the tiniest of Sempervivum, and you have a jewel case of a planting.


Sedum Plant List