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by Kelli
(Corpus Christi, Texas)

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I recently bought 6 succulents from Lowe’s but they were not labeled. They are kept inside but I’ve only had them for a few days. I think the fuzzy one with dark spots on the edges is a kalahchoe tomentosa. All of the others I’m not sure of.

The one in the middle is about 4 inches tall, has long smooth tubular leaves and kind of reminds me of green onions.

The one with wavy edges has smooth, thick leaves with crimped edges.

The purplish one has smooth leaves that would grow in a rosette pattern if a couple of the leaves hadn’t broken off.

The smallest rosette shaped one has a little bit of fuzz on the outside of the leaves.

The largest rosette shaped succulent has a tiny bit of purple hue to the tips of the leaves and it’s leaves are smooth with a little spike on the tips. The bowl is 12 inches wide if that helps with the sizing. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Kelli, I think you’re correct about the Kalanchoe, this would be the one that is called Chocolate Soldier, I believe.

The middle one seems to be Senecio kleinia, also known as Elf Shoes.

The wavy edged one is Adromischus cristata, or Pie Plant.

The purplish one is a type of Echeveria, sorry I can’t tell you exactly which one, because there are so many, all gorgeous.

The smallest rosette and the biggest one are both different Echeveria.

Hope that helps a bit, sometimes it’s very difficult to pin them down; however, most of these are easy to care for provided you look after them in the way they require, you should have good success.

See more about succulent care and how to grow Echeveria here for some tips.

Have fun with your new collection!