The Oddball Golden Flowered Two Row Stonecrop

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This plant is unusual in that it not only is deciduous and looks like a bundle of dead sticks all winter, Sedum spurium ‘Fruland’ is one of the nicest yellow flowered of all stonecrop varieties.


It hasn’t the pale insipid lemon coloured blooms of some other yellow flowered Sedum, but a bright gold more like the unrelated Sedum kamschaticum. Short stems hold the golden blooms off the glossy green lobed foliage on this clump forming member of the clan.

Height 10-15cm 4-6″

Spread 15-20 cm 6-8″

USDA Zone 4

CFIA Zone 5a

Use this in combination with Sedum spurium ‘Dragons Blood’ for eye popping colour in containers and rock gardens.


Also extensively used for attracting beneficial insects to green roofs where it out-performs many of its cousins, and mixed borders of xeric plants.


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