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by Wendy K
(Baxter, TN)


I have found four or five of these most unusual plants on our property, growing wild on a creek bank in Tennessee.

They appear to be succulents, stems are about 8 inches, with the star-shaped flower head above. Stems lean over, are not upright.

The individual flowers are a lilac color…

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Wendy, those are the most unusual flowers. Very pretty.

I’m unsure what these could be, as you live in a completely different climate with very unique flora.

If I was to make an absolutely wild guess, I would say these are Sedum pulchellum (the Latin word for ‘beautiful’), otherwise known as starfish plant, for good reason. The flowers really do look as though they could grow under the sea.

Look at this post on my favorite forum and see if this looks the same:

Sea Urchin Sedum and this one Sea Stars and another one here Sea Urchin.

Good luck with your search,

Comments for Tennessee Wildflower

May 18, 2011

Sea Stars
by: Wendy K

Thank you Jacki…it looks most like the one you call “Sea Stars” and I am sure I can make good use of it in my garden.

Thank you again for your help!

Feb 23, 2013

Tennessee sedum
by: Paul/Portland, TN

Wendy, your mystery succulent is Sedum pulchellum aka Widow’s Cross. It is totally deciduous. Tennessee native it is common throughout the state.