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Not sure if this is a succulent but this site is the closest images I’ve found. The diameter of the leaves is just larger than the size of a quarter. We are in London Ontario Canada. Thank you!

This looks to me like one of the many Peperomia species. There are many different ones, and they make the perfect plant to start your succulent collection with.

Although they seem to have the really fleshy leaves of succulents, they can withstand a bit more water – many novice growers worry that their plants aren’t getting enough water, and tend to overwater. These lovely plants are able to survive that, and flourish.

You can see more about the type of Peperomia that this could be here on Dave’s Garden Website: Baby Rubber Plant.

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Dec 19, 2012

Thank you!!
by: Miranda

Thanks so much for helping and being so speedy!!