by Lou


My mother gave me this pant two years ago. It propagated itself into 5 more plants which I’m giving away but don’t have a clue what to say when people ask what it is. Could you please help?

Many thanks


Hi Lou, you’re absolutely right that this little guy isn’t an Aloe.

This is a Haworthia, a closely related plant, with some significant differences.

Although they do prefer less light than Aloe, where you are keeping it is just a little too dim.

This one appears to be one similar to Haworthia margaritafera, but it’s obviously lacking light to the extent that it’s gone very pale – normally, they are dark forest green, with lighter colored markings on the leaves.

To keep it healthy and happy, move it to where it will get bright curtain filtered light, or get a fluorescent grow light for it; they need around 12 hours of light per day, and I recommend having the light on a timer, unless you are willing to be the lighting manager.

Hope that helps!