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by Sandra
(Alexandria, VA)


Hi Jacki,

I have a small Lilac Mist on my desk at work and she has began to grow up and now leaning. Is this normal? How do I keep her from leaning to far and maybe breaking?

Comments for Over Reaching Succulent

Apr 15, 2021

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Holy leaning plant, Batman! That definitely needs more light!

They lean to try and reach a brighter situation, and now it’s got to this point, there’s no going back.

Suggestions; move it into a much brighter situation, either a grow light, or south or west facing window (not in full sun at first) and then, behead it. The growth, even if you move it now, will never recover its former beauty – sorry.

Second suggestion; pull off all the leaves and propagate them, and get lots of beautiful new plants – in about three years.

Third suggestion; cut off the top, below where it starts to stretch, to try and maintain the lower (normal) growth,keeping in mind that it will just repeat this pattern if the light levels are too low.

Which suggestion will you follow?