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by Alex R
(Paramus, NJ, USA)


My succulent is about 6 inches tall and the leaves look like actual leaves, resembling thick mint leaves. The leaves tend to curl inwards a little and the stems are long and quite sturdy but a little thin. Anyone know what kind of succulent this is?

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Dec 01, 2014
Some kind of Kalanchoe…
by: Jacki

Hi Alex, I can’t tell for sure, but this poor thing is some kind of Kalanchoe – I can tell because of the arrangement of the leaves up the stem, in an opposite format, each pair alternating directions.

The reason I can’t tell for sure the exact type is because it’s really in poor shape. These plants need bright light, which obviously this one isn’t getting based on the etiolation and the leaf curl.

They have to have 12 hours of bright light (sunlight or a facsimile, like a grow light) and 12 hours of darkness. They will do this stretching thing to try and reach more, and eventually the lack of light will most likely weaken them to the point that they will die.

You can see more about Kalanchoe species and general succulent care here.

Dec 01, 2014
Re: Kalanchoe
by: Alex R

Oh really? All this time I thought it was doing well, it was really struggling in the previous location it was in (eastern window), weak stems, shriveling leaves, not growing at all. When I moved it to the southern window about a two months ago the leaves bounced back and it started to grow in height, a little more than 2 inches I would say. Is it really not doing well?

Dec 01, 2014
Characteristic growth
by: Jacki

The leaves shouldn’t be curling under, and there should be a shorter distance between the leaves (on the stem). The fact that it’s trying to reach more light means you’re on the right track, especially if it’s perked up rather than completely failing once it was moved to a brighter location. Eastern exposure really isn’t enough.

It really helps to have a healthy plant as a guide to see what the plant you have should look like. Maybe do a search on the web to find something similar.