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It has long stalks, looks really fluffy with tiny white hairs and has brown tips (supposed to be normal according to the clerk).

From what I can see in the picture, this is Kalanchoe tomentosum, one of the most popular of the whole Kalanchoe tribe. Tomentosum actually means ‘hairy’ so it’s aptly named. It also goes by the name of Panda Plant, or Chocolate Soldier.

For care, just keep it on the dry side, and start to trim it back every time any of the stalks get too tall, and this will encourage it to be more compact and bushy. Keeping it in bright light will help with this too.

For more information you can see this page: Kalanchoe species and for general succulent care visit here.

Enjoy your fuzzy succulent!

Comments for Fluffy Succulent?

Aug 25, 2012

Sun light
by: Anonymous

Hi again, I didn’t know about how much light they needed, and my room is really shady despite facing west, but the sun is blocked by another building.
I’m now afraid the plant won’t grow 🙁

Yes, that could be an issue – they do need bright light – however, you can buy a little grow light which is full spectrum fluorescent light which are pretty reasonably priced, and cheap to operate and that will keep your little plant completely happy.

See more on grow lights here.