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by Ben
(Port St. Lucie, Florida)

Can you use Miracle Grow on kalanchoe thyrsiflora plants or any kind of succulent plants?? Just wondering.


You’re referring to Miracle Grow fertilizer? This product is a water soluble fertilizer, and contains all the nutrients that most house plants require.

The only problem with using any kind of chemical fertilizer on succulent plants is that these plants require the soil to be dried out considerably.

This has two adverse effects; one is that because all fertilizer is salt based, there could potentially be a build up of these salts, which although generally not harmful, can be unsightly. They look like hard white crystals stuck to the sides of a clay pot, if that’s what you’re using to grow the plant in, or in some cases, a crust on the surface of the soil.

The other thing that happens is because of the fact that they are salt, this dries out the roots, and can start root rot.

I recommend using these kinds of products sparingly, and dilute them more than what the recommendation is on the package.

It’s best to thoroughly water the plant first, then water with the dissolved fertilizer. Flush the soil with clear water the next time you water. Always give a good drink, then let the soil dry out almost completely; don’t tease the plant with a teaspoon of water at a time.

Hope this helps,