by T.J.
(London, Canada)


Candlestick type possible succulent?

I bought these at a grocery store recently because I had never seen anything like them and after hours of searching online I think I’ve given up trying to name them.

They are perfectly round, perfectly smooth, approx. a foot tall, light green with dark green vertical stripes and a very small root system.

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Aug 07, 2014
Sanseveria cylindrica
by: Jacki

What you have is a great little plant! I’ve only ever had the pleasure of trying to grow these one time, and I wish I had better success.

They are Sanseveria cylindrica, which when you think of it, that’s the perfect descriptive name. Most Sanseveria, or Mother In Laws Tongue, are flat and somewhat wavering spires, rather than round.

You can see more about this genus here, and the species here on Daves Garden Website.

Hope that helps with your cool plant!