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by Phil


Any idea what this flower is called??

Drought Smart Plants reply: off the top of my head, I have only one potential suspect.

Depending on the size of it, which I can’t tell from the picture, I’m thinking Kalmia latifolia, or Calico Bush. It’s a shrub, and they vary in height from about 4′ to 8′ tall.

If this fits the description, these are hardy shrubs related to Rhododendron, and do best in similar conditions – peat or leaf mold added to the soil, partial shade, regular water.

You can see more about this great garden plant here on Dave’s Garden Website: Kalmia latifolia, and here: Kalmia latifolia ‘Freckles’ you can see a different clone. There are many different ones, all with the same characteristic flower buds, wide open very unusual flowers and the same cultivation requirements.

Happy Woodland Gardening!