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by Aga

Hi! Could you pls help me? Friend give me rooted cuttings of crassula ovata. Cutting is 25cm tall and thin, I am worried that it will fall over. Can I bury plant a bit deeper into soil to make more stable? It’s there any method to fatten it up? It has only 5 leaves on top of the plant.

Hi Aga, yes, that can help stabilize the cutting, however, it’s unlikely that it will create more roots from above where it’s rooted, so it eventually could rot.

I would just chop it in half, plant the part with roots on already so it will be at the same level of soil as it’s used to, then let the top part dry out and callous for a week or so, and then plant that.

These particular plants will root just in the air, so you’ll most likely see some little pink roots emerging. Then you’ll have two Crassula ovata!

Be brave, my friend – you can’t kill it!