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by Michael
(Madison, Wi)


I bought this succulent today and was wondering if you could help me identify what kind it is.

It has several broad leaves at the base of the plant that are striped with red and green. Growing out the center of it is a thin tree like structure.

It looks like there are buds at the ends of the “branches” and would really like to know if these eventually bloom?

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Aug 02, 2011
Possible ID
by: Anonymous

Your plant seems to be Kalanchoe humilis ‘Desert Surprise.’ You can either remove the stalk or leave it to flower as you like, and any resulting seeds can be grown.

Variegata, pattern looks like pheasant breast, oval leaves


Hey, can anyone help to identify this succulent?

Hi, this is a type of Kalanchoe species, Kalanchoe humilis, also known as K. tigrina, most likely after the stripes.

You can see more about this plant here on Dave’s Garden Website.

All the Kalanchoe are easy to grow, and quite spectacular. Please keep in mind that they are all poisonous, especially to cats.

See more about poisonous succulents.

Find out how to care for your succulents.

Hope that helps,

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Apr 25, 2013

Thank you!
by: Giulia

Thank you! That helped a lot!