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by Emily
(Laporte CO USA)


i have a what i am thinking is a succulent plant of some sort but we have no idea…our neighbors were throwing this away when it was quite smaller because they didnt know how to take care of it and it was looking pretty wilty. we’ve been able to bring it back and see lots of new growth but we cannot for the life of us figure out what this plant is.

it’s viney and is draping over all the sides of the pot its in and has no leaves but these pod like things on it that look like green beans or sweet peas. we opened a pod up to see what was inside and it was like opening up a cactus leaf. if that makes any sense. the pods range from an inch to 3 inches in different spots of the plant.

no blooms as of yet so im not sure if it will…can u help us lol 🙂

I do believe this will bloom eventually, most likely a pale yellow or white flower like a daisy. It’s Senecio radicans, or the string of pearls, bananas vine, or necklace plant. You can see more about it here on Dave’s Garden Website.

There is more about similar plants here on the Senecio page.

Good haul, by the way!