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by Dora
(Budapest, Hungary)


Dear Jacki,

Thank you very much for your super fast reply regarding the drooping of the lowest leaves of my flapjack.

Hovewer, what I learned left me even more concerned. I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal for these plants to grow in such small containers, I see them in freakishly small pots everywhere on the web, and the roots aren’t poking out at the bottom, so I figured it must be how these plants like to be. Now, if I decide to repot it, what would be the ideal shape and size of pot, and what would be the best soil mix? I read differents things anywhere I look… As for your suggestion to stop watering the plant to prevent further growth: what would this mean? At what frequency should I ideally water it if it has to live under the circumstances I am able to provide it in my room?…

You also mentioned the plant may be about to bloom. I’ve read that these plants only bloom once and then they die. I took a picture of the plant which shows what exactly is going on at the top. I was actually wondering if it may be the case but I am not sure.

But if it is what is about to happen, what do I do? I really liked how tall and weird shaped this plant was, this was the reason I bought one, and all the rest looked pretty much the same at the nursery, very symmetric, tall, fleshly leaves in four directions from one thick stem. And now I have to find out this is not how they should look…

Thank you very much again,

Comments for Flapjack plant about to bloom?

Nov 09, 2014
Don’t worry…
by: Jacki

Just enjoy all the myriad variations of succulent plants! They are all different, even though they appear to be similar, they have their own character – and I like the character of yours!

It could be that it got dropped or had some damage to the top of it, which caused it to grow differently.

Generally, plants will bloom in response to a stress of some kind; in yours, it appears to be because of the small pot. I would say that it might not be a good time to repot it right now. I think it’s best to just enjoy the plant and it’s stages, and not try and make it do something different.

Usually, the main stalk will flower, but there are quite often small pups or baby plants around the base of the mother stalk. Then you can take the plant apart and repot the new ones, and then they will grow in the same way.

I would just stop watering the plant every week, which I think you said you have as a schedule. If you can let it dry out a little more, and only water when the soil is dry. Then give it a good drink, not a tease.

Enjoy the learning curve, and don’t stress about the changes it goes through while it continues to adapt to your conditions.