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by betty


My group is having a contest (its okay to ask for help with ID) and this plant looks like it would be a succulent but I have not seen it before.
The prize is “2 pence” so I won’t be sharing it.
Thanks for any help.

Comments for We are having a contest and I need help

Sep 30, 2017
Don’t worry – I won’t ask for a share!
by: Jacki

Because I have no idea what this is. It almost looks like a plant with a mutation, which accounts for the ‘fasciated’ look (the leaves are deformed into skinny versions of themselves). Is this possibly a plant that got exposed to herbicide? I’ve seen this type of growth on sensitive plants even when just the surrounding soil is sprayed, it doesn’t even need to be the plant itself.

Sorry I can’t help you win your contest – best of luck with it!

Sep 30, 2017
by: Betty

Well thanks for looking – I will post back when we have a winner (but I do not believe it will be me).