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I recently sprayed weed and feed on the ground around my rose bushes and volcanic phlox.

Some of the spray got on my rose bushes as well as phlox plant.

I noticed that the leaves on these plants have turned rubbery and are very limp looking however they don’t appear to be dying. I watered them good after realizing what I had done.

I live in Buffalo NY zone 5 we haven’t had rain since I did this and the weather is predicting rain for this evening. Is there anything else I can do?
Thank you

Hi April, unfortunately, roses are very susceptible to herbicide damage, which can cause deformed foliage, and sometimes actually kill them. Depending on the herbicide, and the strength, temperature, soil moisture and a host of other factors, it’s very variable.

A good rain might help, but sadly, these types of weed killing agents aren’t particular and will kill any kind of broadleafed plants. Hopefully, the plants will recover in time.

In future, I would err on the side of caution, and use some kind of mulch around the plants, out to the drip line, or about two feet out from the stem.

Use a couple of layers of newsprint, covered with some type of organic mulch – bark mulch, wood chips or even compost to squelch weed growth rather than using a broad spectrum herbicide.

Best of luck,