We have a flapjack that’s “having” babies but we don’t know how to separate them or when. The “Mommy,” who is tall, lost a bunch of lower “leaves” but appears to be healthy, is leaning over the side of the pot. It looks like she’s making room for the babies at her base. There are at least three of various small sizes. We don’t want to jeopardize them, but would love to transplant them so they can flourish.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Debbie, this is pretty typical of this plant – the top growth is so heavy that they topple over.

To remove the pups, just cut them as close to the bottom of their stem as possible, using a sharp scalpel or razor (scissors or pruners tend to crush the base of the stem and can cause the stem to start rotting).

Then, the important step is to allow the cuttings to dry overnight, or even longer. If you want to skip this step, just set them into some dry potting soil, so they can callous. Don’t water them for a week or so, to allow them to start to grow roots.

In a few weeks or a month, they’ll be sturdy little new plants, ready to display in your garden.

Your other option is to chop off the mother plant, right underneath the lowest leaves of the rosette. Root this in the same way as the pups.

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