Frilly; Ruffled; Ladylike

Echeveria shaviana has pale powder blue foliage with very crinkly edges. It’s used by hybridizers to contribute this feature to its offspring, sometimes with striking results; in other efforts, a surprise.


Size is up to 15cm (6-7″) across, but slow to achieve that size.

Preferred conditions are bright light with well drained soil.

Propagating by the leaf cuttings is possible, but as these are so thin and delicate they tend to sometimes dry out or just be so small for a long time that they die before reaching any size.

The best way to grow more is from offsets produced when the long bare stem of an old rosette is beheaded. Tiny new plants will emerge from the stem, and you can cut the baby offsets with a razor blade.

Handle carefully so all the loosely attached leaves don’t fall off and place them on the dry sand or soil/sand mix until they root.

Use Echeveria shaviana as an accent planted singly in a collection, or in a group container to show off the myriad variations of colour and form in Echeveria.