Apple Green and Delicious

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Pale lime green loose rosette of large spoon shaped leaves. The foliage is so pale it looks translucent with light behind it almost like it’s made out of jade.


This is a very pretty plant, and different; slow growing, forming a single rosette about 15cm across.

I’ve found this one slow to offset, but it does root fairly quickly from a leaf cutting.

Left to its own devices it will eventually get the palm tree effect, a long gangly stem with the rosette of leaves on top, but beheading it is a great way to get a nice new low growing plant.

See the succulent plant propagation page for more on how to do this.

Care is similar as for all other Echeveria species and hybrids – a warm bright location, with little to no water in the winter, and thorough watering in summer, allowing to almost dry out completely between.

Water a couple of times over the summer with compost tea, or top dress with worm castings for a complete fertilizer.