Warty, rugged, yet strangely beautiful

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One of the best and most well known of the ‘carunculated’ forms – each leaf has a warty protuberance in the center, making a memorable and distinctive specimen.


Foliage ranges from palest mauve to turquoise, with some pink and sky blue thrown in for good measure.

Ultimate size is around 20cm (8″) across, with height of about the same.

This is not a small and discreet Echeveria, rather a loud and rambunctious variety, shouting to be heard.

Sounds like a lumberjack, doesn’t it? Paul Bunyan was a mythical figure, logging and lumberjacking around the turn of the 19th century in the Pacific Northwest; one of the old school pioneers, and a giant, both in stature and the tall tales that his name continues to invoke. Naming an Echeveria after him was a stroke of genius.

Care of the Echeveria ‘Paul Bunyan’ is similar to all the Echeveria hybrids – warm, dry position with no excess watering.

A thorough irrigation about once a week in summer, tapering to almost no water in the winter will suit Paul just fine. With a tendency to get very tall and leggy (shades of its namesake?) it will need beheading fairly frequently, to make a new nicer low growing rosette.