Fuzzy, velvety generic hybrid

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Echeveria set-oliver is one of the fuzzy textured Echeveria, with hairs covering all surfaces of the leaves.


They remind me of those nodding headed dogs that people would put in their rear car windows.

Slender pointed velvety green leaves with orange red tips make this a standout.

Size is variable, but multistemmed and shrubby growth up to 30cm (1′) isn’t uncommon. The stems eventually become bare, but if you cut off the tops to re-root them, new growth will sprout on the old stems.

Preferred conditions are bright light and well drained soil. This is one very drought tolerant plant and can withstand considerable neglect.

Propagate from stem cuttings or leaves.

Use as an accent in your mixed collection of succulents to add a different texture to the display, and enjoy the yellow and orange flowers in August.