Shrublike Succulent Plant

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Echeveria haagai tolimanensis has dark blue curved fleshy leaves. It grows as an upright shrub with many stems, not a rosette like many others in the genus.


Ultimate size is about 30cm (1′) tall, and will spread to the same diameter with many stems. The leaves themselves are about 4-8cm (2 – 3″) long, and tend to drop easily.

Conditions it prefers are well drained, and it will put up with quite variable watering; however, it rots quickly if left to sit in water. In fact, the plant in the picture above is actually in a 4″ pot, and has been for about two years. It topples easily, so for stability I keep it in the clay pot.

As it has such delicate ‘pruinose’, the waxy protective coating, it’s essential not to handle this plant too much. Although it won’t actually do any harm to remove the ‘bloom’, it is for protection from extremely bright light, and the plant could potentially get sunburn without it.

The leaves are also very delicately attached, and can fall off at the slightest touch – don’t throw them out though – each one will root and form a brand new baby plant in time.

Propagation is best from stem cuttings, as the plant will then bush out more from the base. Although it roots easily from leaf cuttings as well, it’s slower to produce a good sized plant.

Use as a specimen or as the taller background plant in a mixed container. Combines well with shorter rosette forming varieties at its base as a ground cover, or those that trail over the side of a mixed container.