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by Christina
(Sydney, Australia)

I’m currently growing dwarf beans in a pot. The plant leaves are growing a lighter coloured green than they should be, and are thin and limp. They are some beans growing, although, not many. The pot get’s full sun during the day, and it’s been averaging around 23C during the day for the last few weeks. I water them most evenings. Should I be concerned?

Hi Christine, many plants that are completely fine with full hot sun can’t take those same conditions if in a pot. The pot will get hot, and the roots are more delicate than the top growth, which is the only part you see, so that’s where the stress shows.

If your container is anywhere near a wall, rock or any other object that will reflect heat onto the pot, this could be the problem.

I would move your container, if possible, if not, then drape something insulating or reflective around the container to prevent the sun from heating it up too much; straw piled up around it, or a bamboo mat, emergency mylar blanket, twigs, anything.

The fact that you are watering every day won’t stop the root damage, if that is what’s happening. In fact, you will just trigger the growth of fungus or root rot if the soil is now saturated.

Hope this helps,