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by Alexandra
(Oceanside, California)



I bought this beautiful little plant in Arizona, around the middle of May, and brought him home to California.

I was unable to plant it until June. When I planted it, he was still all completely green and this was the first time I watered it.

I bought it as a little kit and used only the things that came in the kit.

A few days later I notice he started to turn yellow so I kept turning him every day thinking maybe it was lack of sunlight.

I have him in the window, from the first picture, which is a western facing window so he receives plenty of sunlight. Then after about a week and a half it still wasn’t turning back to green and the bottom leaves were becoming thin as if needing water and turning a little brown so I watered it a little more.

Now, about another week later two mushrooms have grown, which are in the 2nd picture, all three stalks are falling over slightly, and just about all of the leaves around the bottom are either yellow or brown and very thin, unlike the top leaves.

Also there is a leaf in the back that has just broken off completely and the plant has not been touched, which is in the third picture.

Please help my plant! I’ve only had this plant for about a month and a half! Thank you in advance!

Any plant that starts growing mushrooms out of the center of it is pretty much doomed, I’m sorry to say. You say ‘I was unable to plant it until June’ – what does this mean? That it was without soil for that time?

Haworthia don’t really like being in full sun – unlike some of their more robust cousins, the Aloe. I have a sinking feeling about the mushrooms – pull them out, they must have been in the potting mix, which if it grows mushrooms, could be the wrong thing to use for any kind of succulent plant, which should be well drained and sandy, not manure based.

It’s pretty typical that the older leaves dry out and shrivel. The top leaves look fine, so maybe it’s alright. Stress of being transplanted will do that.

Resist the urge to keep moving it around, but get it out of direct sunlight (especially western light, which is really hot). See more about Haworthia here.

Best of luck with your little plant, I hope it recovers!

Comments for Haworthia Fasciata growing mushrooms, turning yellow, falling over, and falling apart

Oct 25, 2017
succulent diseases
by: Morris

I think you have a fungus. The spores are released every time the soil gets wet. Transplant into clean, new soil, in a different pot. be sure to rinse the plant and roots and wash your hands after rinsing plant before planting into new soil.