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by Chancey
(Winnipeg, Mb)


here you can see the translucent petals near the center

translucent petals
the translucent petals
translucent petals near the center
the translucent petals near the center

This Succulent was just given to me tonight. It was believed to have been a cactus. It has very thick petals with an almost translucent look to them. As stated, they are very thick. I would kindly appreciate any help in identifying. Thank you.

Hi Chancey, this is a succulent, but it’s not a cactus. It’s some type of Haworthia from what I can tell based on the markings on the ends of the leaves (not petals). These are indeed translucent and are actually windows for it to get light to use to make energy, a process called photosynthesis.

You can seem more about Haworthia here.

Happy Succulent Growing!