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by Ashley Deal
(Chattanooga,TN USA)

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I want to buy one but don’t know alot about it. Where can I get info?

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Ashley, I tried to lighten the image that you posted, but it’s still not really clear, and I’m sorry I don’t know this plant. It seems to be some kind of either Echeveria, or Pachyphytum hybrid, but I’m not familiar with the term ‘candle succulent’.

There are many that are close relatives, and most take the same type of care; bright light, deep watering but then allowing them to almost dry out between, and very well drained soil.

For general care of most succulents, see this page: Succulent Care; this page has more about how to grow Echeveria, and this page on Graptopetalum has more about another closely related plant.

Hope this helps,