Can you please help me identify my succulent?

It was a wedding favour. When I first got it 2 weeks ago, all the leaves are green. A few leaves are turning brown now. I water it once every 2 days with tap water. I stop giving it water when some water leaks to the plate at the bottom.

I keep it in my room (not in direct sunlight). I live in Brunei (4 degrees North of the Equator). The temperature in my room varies from 26 degrees Celcius to around 30 degrees Celcius.

What did I do wrong? Please help.

Thank you!

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Aug 20, 2016

Sad Succulent
by: Jacki

The problem with getting a succulent as a wedding favor, although a nice idea in theory, it’s not so good in practice if you want to keep them forever.

So here’s the thing;

Temperature? Check.

Light levels, not so good.

Watering? Way too much! These plants need to be allowed to dry out almost completely in between, and you never ever let them sit in water on a saucer.

The pot is another problem too. It’s glazed, and looks like it’s glazed on the inside too. This eliminates any chance of moisture escaping through the sides and air getting in.

They need bright light, so you must have them under a grow light if it’s not enough.

As this is an Echeveria of some kind, you may want to look at this page about how to grow Echeveria.

Keep in mind that even if you do everything right from this point on, your plant may recover, but it will never look the same as when you got it. Onwards and upwards, learn how to propagate it!