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Hello I’m very new to air plants but very interested in them – just bought over the holidays and I feel that I have made a error on what type don’t want to lose them by not having enough information on type of plant to keep healthy and alive.

I am in Las Vegas Nevada where there is very little humidity due to the use of central A/C and Heating just wondering on is there more than just plants for this area and if there is a list so that we make the right choice to grow. Thank you for your time and expertise. Fred


Jan 09, 2021

Simple is best
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Air plants don’t require soil, or water. Phew, that’s two less things to worry about.

The main thing to remember is that these plants originate living high up in jungle trees, so you need to mimic that environment. Showers of warm rain, which raises the humidity, and runs down the tree branches to where the plants are sitting can be copied by using a spray bottle every day. Don’t do it to the point of running off the plants, just to raise the humidity.

These plants do well indoors, as their native habitat is always above freezing. This means there is not typically a ‘recommended zone’ to grow them in. I’m assuming here that you’ll be growing them inside. They won’t like the dry desert air of Nevada. They also won’t appreciate the cold dry air of an air conditioning vent blowing on them, so site them away from that.

Sorry I don’t know of any list. In all cases of this type of plant it is trial and error to figure out how to provide the ideal situation. You’ll know when you get it right – then you can copy that with other types.