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by Tamy O
(Houston, TX)


Good morning thank you for your response . I purchased this plant about 3 weeks ago and the leaves were thick and plump.
Some of the leaves are wilted and thin now, plus a few are just falling off. Some other leaves became soggy. I have just watered plant in pictures. The ground was very dry. I live in Houston, TX. The lady at the plant store said shade, I’ve just moved the plant into morning sun. I did limit its exposure for a week.

Comments for Soggy leaves

Aug 23, 2019

Thank you for the pictures
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Pictures are so important in these cases. The lady in the plant store obviously was not a horticulturist, or she would never have told you that this plant likes shade. They are desert plants, and absolutely need full sun. But not right away if they’ve been grown in shade or dim light. They have to acclimatize gradually.

What I suggest you do, even if it sounds really drastic, is to cut off all the leaves. Don’t cut right at the stem, leave a bit of the petiole or stem of the leaf. That allows it to grow new leaves from the axil. DO NOT WATER IT. Let it get completely dry, but keep it in as bright light as possible. This will trigger new growth, which could take a while.