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by Marie
(New York)

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Poor Waterlogged Succulent

I’ve got a succulent plant that got watered too much when I went away (note to self; don’t get a non-gardening neighbor to take care of your plants).

So, this plant collapsed, almost overnight, as soon as I got back, and I didn’t realize that the pot was sopping wet.

Will it recover, do you think? I’ve attached a picture so you can see what’s going on.

Comments for Can Succulents Recover if Roots are Waterlogged?

Jul 15, 2017

Probably no hope
by: Jacki

This poor thing looks like it’s a bit too far gone.

Usually, I recommend propagating a plant that is damaged, but with this one, even the leaf buds are rotting.

I think it’s time to compost this one, and make a promise that you’ll never leave your plants in the care of a novice (or worse, a non-gardener).

Sometimes, these mistakes are sent to teach us in no uncertain terms how sensitive these kinds of plants are to too much water.

Succulents don’t mind being dry, in fact they’ve adapted and evolved to withstand the occasion or even long term drought.

In future, maybe make a total ban on watering when you have to go away. They will recover from not enough water, but too much will turn them into black mush.

It’s also extremely important to have not only well drained soil, but a drainage hole in the pot as well.