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by Aditya kakde
(Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, india)


Succulents growing in a rock crevice – perfect drainage!

I’m from middle India. In summers it’s around 45° celsius or 113° Fahrenheit. 90% of my succulents died. They were quite easy to grow species but still they died. I tried everything to save them but I failed.

Was it my mistake in caring or succulent always die in high temperature. I also have a lot other plants they’re all are fine. Even my Piper ornatum was growing like crazy at that time.

Comments for Indian climate for succulents

Aug 17, 2019

It’s not just the heat
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Most times, succulents will die because of high humidity in the air which you really have no control over, or the soil is too wet.

I know that you experience monsoons, where there is a lot of rain for an extended period. I would make sure your succulents are planted in a raised bed with lots of drainage, (ie: gravel, lava rock or other small rocks) as part of it. This will prevent rotting of the roots. I grow a lot of succulent plants in a rock wall (one without any mortar, just stacked rocks) and they are very successful there.

The excess moisture in the air is nothing you have control over, except to make sure you plant the succulents where they will have good air flow.

Another option is to grow the plants in pots, where you have more control over the soil and can move them if it’s really rainy.