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by Antonio del Rio
(New Lenox, IL. 60451 USA)

Stem showing the bumps of adventitious roots

I’m growing my first Marijuana plant. So the stem was a little flimsy so I added about 4 more inches of dirt to make it stabilized, and it worked and the plant is growing big and strong 👍 my friend is telling me that roots will be coming out of the stem where I added the extra 4 inches and I’m saying the roots are growing downwards from the original spot. I just can’t imagine New roots coming out of stem out of the sides where I added the extra dirt. The plant is strong and healthy around 25 inches from the dirt. So I’m I right or wrong ?

Comments for Can Roots grow from a Stem

Jan 17, 2022

A Good Tactic
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This is a well known tactic for some plants, notably tomato plants, among others. They have what’s called ‘adventitious’ roots, which emerge from the stem, if the stem is buried.

I’ve seen tomato plants laid sideways and covered with soil and roots come out of the whole length of it. You have to leave a few leaves on the end of the stem, but often, the leaves are all removed. Often, even small seedling tomato plants are buried deeper, sometimes it’s advised to bury the stem in stages, which may or may not make any difference to the eventual growth.

I’m sure there are other plants that are similar, like banyan trees, and some figs. You can see where the roots will emerge, from the little bumps on the stem, especially at the base of it.

Keep in mind that many plants don’t like this kind of treatment, hence the instructions to always maintain the same depth when transplanting.

I put a picture of a stem where you can see the bumps on it where the roots will emerge. This is why it’s possible to take cuttings and root them in water.