by Valerie


Christmas Cactus example of a flower

We were away for 2 weeks & my plant dried out. When we got home I gave it water & water just ran out of bottom of pot. I watered it again and same problem. What should I do. Should I change the soil. It is in a sunny location facing south west.

Comments for Xmas cactus leaves are pale green and lifeless after soil watered but still rock hard

Aug 09, 2016

Still rock hard?
by: Jacki

That’s a clue right there. These plants originate in the top of trees in a jungle. There would be leaves caught in the crotch of a tree, with frequent rain showers, dappled shade and no rock hard soil.

So, yes, change the soil to something with leaf mold, and much lighter in weight.

However, at this time of year if you’re in the northern hemisphere, these plants do best hung in a tree outdoors to go into dormancy, where they’ll get watered occasionally.

South west exposure will be too hot and bright. Just because they look fleshy, doesn’t mean they like full sun. They are only fleshy because they can withstand drought, as in, when there isn’t any natural rainfall through the summer.

Here’s a link on how to grow Schlumbergera which is possibly what you have, although all the other ‘holiday cactus’ are very similar.