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hi my name is david,
My freinds live in the rainforest of Kuranda, far north queensland. they have identified these spectacularly coloured waxy type petals scattred around in different locations on one of there regular walks on their property. Any help identifying them would be greatly appreciated!

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi David, if these are on a walk that your friends follow often, then they can look around the area that they found the petals, and see what plants are growing there.

Plant identification requires a few different things to figure out the plant – is it a tree? a vine? and also what kind of leaves, the way the leaves are attached and many other characteristics.

I can imagine what the flowers look like from the petals – astonishing!

I’m not familiar with many of the amazing plants in Australia, as they’ve evolved in isolation from the plants in the Northern Hemisphere. Maybe another ‘Aussie’ will recognize the petals, and tell us what plant they come from.