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by Joan Gasbarre
(Western New York USA)


I planted butterfly and wildflower mix & hummingbird and wildflower mix in this planter (top shelf in the picture). As you can see they are beautiful and have grown and are still growing. My question is should I keep them in the planter or should I replant them? I feel that at the rate they are growing they need more room to grow.

Your expertise is appreciated.

Thank You,
Joan Gasbarre

Comments for Where should I replant these flowers or should I leave them in the planter?

Jul 04, 2020

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Depending on the exact blend, I would plant them into some richer soil so they can develop to their full potential. In a pot, they’ll run out of steam, especially if you don’t fertilize them.

Some seed mixes contain both annual plants, and perennials, which gives you some color now, and when the annuals finish, maybe they’ll reseed, maybe not, but the perennials will take over for next year.

What I’ve done in the past is seed them into cell packs, then transplant them (in clumps) into the garden, not into pots.

As you’ve got wildflowers in there, they may tend to be a bit weedy, and it’s probably best to put them out in a less maintained area.

If you want them to reseed, they need to go past the flowering stage and form seed pods, which can look a little unsightly.