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by Beth
(New Castle De, USA)


I was given many large pieces from a monster Jade that fell off after it was moved. Unknowingly, I potted them in a giant glazed pot using succulent soil and extra perlite for good measure.

I probably packed/tamped the soil down more firmly than necessary for an indoor plant I have since learned.

It has been 6 weeks and the jade seems to be doing well with new growth buds on leaves and roots shooting out in many places. The leaves are plump and green and look good – but because I’ve read up on the subject, I know I’ve put them in too large of a pot.

They have rooted – I hate to disturb them to repot, and I am extremely conscious of root rot. Must I repot this gorgeous specimen?

Comments for MUST I repot my Jade?

Sep 16, 2021
No Rule
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

There is no rule on when you should repot, or even if. I generally repot when a plant shows some stress and indicates that the soil is getting worn out, like yellowing leaves, slow, small growth, roots coming out of the drain hole, etc.

For now, as long as the soil looks okay, and the plant is happy, you don’t need to repot the plant unless you want to put a cutting into an individual pot.

Have you seen the page about Crassula bonsai? You have the perfect opportunity to use one or more of your plants for making one.