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by Ben
(Port St. Lucie, Florida)


My Kalanchoe plant i have in a pot on my terrace was growing straight when i got it.

It is now start to turn forward a lot growing that way.

Is my plant dying or needs any special attention???

Also the paddle seem to be getting soft too, not as firm as before. I am sending photos. i hope this helps.

Hi Ben, sometimes these plants start leaning because they’re not getting enough light from directly above, so they lean over or stretch to try and get more.

They need to be in bright light, and these ones in particular need full sun, not necessarily as much for just growing, but also to get that nice red blush.

To prevent them from leaning, you can turn the pot a quarter turn every day, and this will help it to grow straighter.

For the leaves getting softer, make sure you’re not overwatering it – that soil looks like it may hold too much moisture; if it’s soil that is blended for most other plants, it won’t drain as quickly as required for succulents, which can create the conditions that get root rot started.

Repot it into some soil specially for cactus plants, or add half and half pumice, small gravel or perlite to the soil you have been using. This should help prevent any of these issues in the future.

After repotting, don’t water too much; in fact, hold off on any watering for about a week, to allow the damaged roots to heal up.

You can see more about this plant here.

Hope that helps get your Flapjacks plant back on track!